Frequently Asked Questions about facade cleaning

Acidic cleaning products can dissolve the lime present in sand-lime brick and natural stone. This can cause serious damage with an incorrect application. Especially for these substrates, Chemtec Chemicals B.V. other facade cleaning products, namely Geclean Alka or Wendro. This is his alkaline alkaline cleaner which can be used safely on sand-lime bricks and natural stone. After using these products, remember to treat the treated surface or neutralize it with Neutralex, this will prevent any white rash.

At present there are no national guidelines. However, there are already municipalities that set strict requirements for facade cleaning. We therefore recommend that you contact the relevant local authorities prior to commencing façade cleaning and ask about the discharge standards that apply to the relevant municipality.

A manganese stone cannot be cleaned with chemical agents. This results in unpredictable spots, stripes and discolorations. A manganese stone can only be cleaned by means of shine.

When using acid cleaners, there is a chance that paintwork, certainly glass and metal façade parts will be damaged. Glass and other silicate-containing materials are attacked by acids. When using basic cleaners, various façade elements must be covered: paintwork can be damaged by soaping with basic cleaners!