Aluminum and Plastic cleaning & protection

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For many years, many structures have been and are provided with plastic and / or metal. This in the form of frames, cladding, profiles, as well as finishing of supports.

These applied materials are subject to many types of influences in our country, such as: rain, sun, salt and wind. Because of these influences many metals (alloys) weather and corrode. Plastics are also subject to the aforementioned influences. In particular with regard to weathering, this can influence the gloss level, color fastness and cleanability.

In general, it can be said that conservation, protection and (regular) maintenance prolong the life of materials and display an aesthetically pleasing appearance for longer.


Aluminum is a collective name, because there are many types and qualities of aluminum that differ in strength, hardness and durability. With regard to cleaning and maintenance, we distinguish here:

  • Blank / unaffected
  • Oxidized / affected
  • Anodized
  • Coated, powder coated or wet painted


Plastics can be roughly subdivided into thermoplastics and thermosets. The properties of plastics vary enormously. Hardness, chemical resistance and any top layer require specialized cleaning and maintenance products.

Plastic profiles (frames and the like) usually consist of PVC or PUR and sheet material usually consists of composite / solid core combinations.

The most common contaminants are:

  • Atmospheric / industrial attack
  • Rubber or seal puncture marks (glazing, mounting, sealing)
  • Oxidizing metal puncture marks (roof trim, etc.)
  • Organic attack / growth
  • Algae, mosses (green attack)
  • Fungi (black attack)
  • Feces from insects and birds
  • Combinations of these pollutants

For protection, it is important to know what the customer expects in terms of sustainability:

  • Temporary (with higher durability)
  • Semi-permanent
  • Permanent

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