General cleaning and maintenance

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Professional industrial cleaning and maintenance is more than cleaning or waxing. This concerns products and systems that restore the substrate to its original state and / or prepare for finishing systems from polymer floor finishes to coating systems. Knowledge of surfaces, types of pollution and also residual products from burnt materials is a requirement for proper cleaning.

For cleaning it is essential to know what the contamination is and to test whether the chosen method works without etching, dissolving or damaging the substrate. Acid gravel (PH value), possibly solvent and polishing agent, cleaning enhancers and surfactants must be tailored to the contamination and substrate.

For protection, it is important to know which material feeds the substrate and prevents the adherence of new dirt. It is also important to protect against the effects of (UV) light.

You can protect by:

  • Polishing. A smooth, compacted surface absorbs less
  • Waxing with polymers or nano technology
  • Coating with traditional or nano technology

All conceivable surfaces must be regularly protected and maintained:

  • Stony like concrete, natural stone, brick, plaster
  • Plastics such as PVC, solid core plates, polycarbonate, melamine and similar substrates
  • Wood, hard and soft wood, construction wood, plywood and similar substrates
  • Metal, ferrous and non-ferrous, bare, metallized and coated

The most common contaminants are:

  • Atmospheric / industrial attack
  • Industrial / process related, from machining to spilling and collection
  • Leak marks from oxidising materials
  • Biological attack / growth of algae, mosses, fungi and bacteria
  • Feces from insects and birds
  • Flowering of lime, salts, cement veil and suchlike
  • Spilling, splashing drinks and food

For protection, it is important to know what the customer expects in terms of sustainability:

  • Temporarily
  • Semi-permanent
  • Permanent

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