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Cleaning and protection of facades is generally done because of the lifespan extension of the building and for aesthetic reasons. New facades are cleaned before the building is delivered; older facades because pollution, salt outgrowths, algae and moss growth are likely to have caused or will cause damage. A study by Prof. dr. Dr. Ir. P.C. Krijger has found that at known building damage cases, 40% is caused by moisture. Preventing moisture in the facade construction, for example through hydrophobing, is one of the main protection methods.

The substrate can consist of:

  • Concrete or concrete stone, there are various types and qualities
  • Brick, there are various types and qualities
  • Natural stone such as blue limestone, marl limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine etc
  • Artificial stone in which natural stone is incorporated
  • Sand-lime brick or aerated concrete
  • Plastering, cement-bonded, mostly plastic modified

The most common contaminants are:

  • Atmospheric / industrial attack
  • Rubber or seal puncture marks (glazing, mounting, sealing)
  • Oxidizing metal puncture marks (roof trim, etc.)
  • Organic attack / growth
  • Algae, mosses (green attack)
  • Fungi (black attack)
  • Feces from insects and birds
  • Flowering out of salts (various types) and cement veil
  • Combinations of contamination

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