Graffiti removers and anti-graffiti coating systems

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Graffiti is as old as humanity and has always been a current form of art. Even today, graffiti is used as a permanent or temporary "decoration" of a less attractive environment. However, any kind of unwanted graffiti is perceived by owners and residents of objects as vandalism. It means damage, which can often be repaired, but entails rather high costs. Preventive measures against graffiti are hardly possible. That is why objects must, where necessary, be protected against irreparable damage caused by unwanted scratches. A single product or system that is suitable for every surface and / or type of graffiti has not yet been found. As a result, several products and systems have been developed.

The graffiti is almost always applied with a marker / felt-tip pen and / or spray can. Some pens are etching and contain pigments on a nano scale. These penetrate deep into the surface and often leave so-called shadows. Paint from spray cans usually consists of acrylic, alkyd or urethane. Removal thereof is usually completely possible. The type of paint, the layer thickness and the degree of hardening require a specific approach.

There are several options for protecting surfaces against graffiti. The right choice is important to prevent damage to the substrate and not to adversely affect the physical and aesthetic properties of the building.

Anti-graffiti systems are subdivided into:

  • Permanent, transparent
  • Permanent, in color
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Semi-permanent

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