Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrophobing

The durability of a hydrophobizing agent determines its penetration depth.

The substrate to be treated must therefore be clean. Depending on the degree of contamination, the substrate must first be cleaned by means of: Blasting, chemical / technical cleaning.

The minimum processing temperature is highly dependent on a number of factors; the substrate temperature, humidity and the type of hydrophobizing agent. However, in practice, a minimum processing temperature of approximately 5 degrees Celsius is used as standard and no frost may be present in the facade.

Yes absolutely, if a Prevosil® or Hydrotex type is spilled on the aforementioned surfaces, damage can occur, namely: on glass, it is a chemical compound that makes it later ore and difficult to remove. If the product is spilled on frames and paintwork, there is a great risk that detachment may occur with a paint system to be used later.

When applying a hydrophobic agent, surrounding materials such as doors, frames and paintwork must be covered against spillage, see F.A.Q. No. 3. When an object to be treated or. project requires a relatively large amount of masking work, we recommend applying a hydrophobic cream. Masking is therefore unnecessary. We also recommend a hydrophobic cream on less porous surfaces; Due to its long contact time with the substrate, the hydrophobic cream penetrates deeper, achieving greater durability. However, if this is not the case, we recommend using a liquid hydrophobizing agent.

Preventing moisture breakdown is the most important characteristic of a hydrophobizing agent. In addition, it reduces algae and mosaic growth to an extent. frost damage and erosion. Aesthetically, a hydrophobic facade remains clean for longer.

An already hydrophobic façade does not absorb much even after many years, making it difficult to work with a water-based hydrophobizing agent, but it is better to work with a solvent-based hydrophobizing agent Prevosil RK, RE or Hydrotex Special RA, or the Prevosil GB façade cream.