Frequently Asked Questions about Aluminum and Plastic cleaning & protection

Easy-Wax R or Kuraltex LP 312 is a pasty cleaning / protection product. Tip / trick: Easy-Wax R or Kuraltex LP 312 is still sufficiently liquid to put in a spray bottle, for example an empty washing-up bottle with a nozzle. This makes it easier to apply Easy-Wax R or Kuraltex LP 312 to the often narrow frames.

Normally it is customary to polish Easy-Wax R or Kuraltex LP 312, let it dry and then polish it until a nice and shiny protective layer is created.

Tip / trick: Another application method is: Apply Easy-Wax R or Kuraltex LP 312 a bit thicker than with the above method, let it dry and then spray it off with suitable high pressure. It is true that the protective layer is then less durable, but is this always necessary? With this method you have a higher daily production.

Determining whether an all-core plate is an indoor or outdoor quality is simple by means of. write with a pencil: after writing, this should be easy with a moist one finger completely, only then is it a good quality that cannot be used.

Plastisol is a PVC coating and is a so-called thermoplastic and is therefore smoother and easier to deform at higher temperatures. Moreover, Plastisol is microporous where the contamination can enter. At higher temperatures, the pores are also somewhat larger, so that pollution can be removed more easily than at a lower temperature. TIP: By adding approximately 5% Grafitex 4 to the cleaner to be used, the Plastisol softens slightly and is therefore easier to clean.