NanoSign and nanotechnology

With the acquisition of a German 'nano' research agency, Prochemko has specialized in chemical nanotechnology. This resulted in the unique product line ' NanoSign ', which has taken a major and innovative step in the application and future of building chemicals.

As a result, we were one of the first to succeed in developing special coatings that contain 'easy-to-clean' or self-cleaning properties.

Whether the surface is stone, plastic, glass, metal or wood.

Easy-to-clean / self-cleaning

Easy-to-clean properties

Due to the structure of the nano-based coatings, dirt and moisture can no longer adhere to the treated surfaces. The coatings are extremely oleophobic and hydrophobic. Because these contaminants no longer adhere, treated surfaces are very easy to keep clean with mild detergents.

Self-cleaning properties

When applied to glass, self-cleaning properties can be created by the so-called photocatalytic effect. We recognize two properties within this.

1. UV light: still present in abundance on most cloudy days, activates the substrate and reacts with the organic dirt and natural attack. Due to the oxidation process, it no longer adheres to the substrate, dissolves and evaporates.

2. The hydrophilic property: the substrate attracts water, which then runs off the surface without the formation of drops. Dust and dirt can easily be washed away in normal rainy weather. Because the photocatalysis process is constantly active, even stubborn deposits (bird droppings or resin from trees) will eventually be broken down and run off the substrate. To speed up this process during drier periods, the substrate can simply be sprayed or sponged with clean water.

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